As one of the North Western Toronto Ontario Health Team’s (NWT OHT) signatory partners, LOFT Community Services plays an integral part in the continued development of our OHT.

LOFT’s CEO, Heather McDonald was recently recognized by the Globe and Mail for her visionary leadership in expanding community health programs. With the NWT OHT, Heather has provided guidance in launching this website and continues to provide support as we move through the next phase of digital development.

Heather’s committed approach to providing accessible and equitable quality services to the community makes her a great asset to our OHT as we continue to establish new ways of offering integrated care in North Western Toronto. Congratulations Heather!

LOFT Community Services (LOFT) is very proud to announce that its CEO Heather McDonald has received the National 2022 Changemakers Award, provided by Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine.

Changemakers is an editorial award program produced by Report on Business Magazine at The Globe and Mail. Its intent is to showcase the emerging leaders transforming business today.

Heather McDonald is one of the 50 winners of the award. A leader in the health care industry, Heather’s vision has helped expand the delivery of community health programs across Toronto, York Region, and South Simcoe.

McDonald has compassionately led LOFT through the pandemic. Her focus on the common goal and constantly listening to creative solutions galvanized our team in our fight against COVID-19. It was vital to protect our clients who were most at risk. Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit amongst her team, her leadership also helped us prepare for the challenges of LOFT’s 163% growth since 2018.

Fueled by the pandemic, LOFT also significantly expanded its transitional housing programs in a quick, agile and responsive manner. This initiative helped free up much-needed hospital beds and support the reintegration of people living with mental health challenges back into the community.

The Globe and Mail received nominations for the Changemakers award in the fall of 2021. Winners were selected by The Globe and Mail’s editorial team for their ideas, accomplishments and impact, as determined by their nominations, subsequent interviews and reference checks.

“The world is facing more challenges than ever before – climate change, racial discrimination, income inequality, not to mention the pandemic,” says Dawn Calleja, editor of Report on Business magazine. “So it’s heartening to meet this year’s crop of 50 Changemakers, who are searching for solutions to many of these problems and offering some inspiration.”

Learn more about LOFT Community Services and Heather’s inspiring work.