Humber River Health is an acute care facility that provides exceptional patient care and partnerships within the community, working with the community to deliver innovative, safe, and compassionate healthcare.

Runnymede Healthcare Centre is a healthcare centre that provides complex continuing care as well as rehabilitation. They are determined to set new standards in all areas of complex continuing care and rehabilitation. Runnymede continues to develop complementary programs and services that provide more holistic care by addressing the medical, mobility, social and spiritual needs of our patients.

West Park Healthcare Centre helps patients get their lives back by providing specialized rehabilitative and complex care after a life‐altering illness or injury such as lung disease, amputation, stroke, and traumatic musculoskeletal injuries.

Black Creek Community Health Centre is a non-profit community-based organization that provides health care services and programs geared to vulnerable populations living in Toronto’s North West communities.

Unison Health and Community Services provides programs and services to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Their services are free, confidential and non-judgemental.

Lumacare enhances, engages, and empowers the members of their diverse community by providing equitable, accessible and high-quality services.

SE Health Care provides health care services across many areas of the health system, including home and community care, long-term care, acute care and primary care. Their customers include governments, regional health authorities, hospitals, the seniors’ living sector, community organizations and consumers.

Villa Colombo Homes for the Aged – Toronto is a designated ethno-specific facility that encompasses all aspects of Italian life and culture into the care and services it provides.

Across Boundaries provides a dynamic range of dignified, inclusive and compassionate mental health and addiction services and programs for racialized communities that integrate: Individual support, Community outreach, Support groups, alternative and complementary therapies, Community kitchen, Skills building, Social and recreational activities.

Addiction Services Central Ontario provides community treatment programs and group services to individuals who are 12 years of age and older, and their families. Their services are free of charge, except for specialized programming.

Canadian Mental Health Association – Toronto Branch is the leading community-based mental health agency. CMHA Toronto is committed to providing services and supports for individuals experiencing mental health issues in the city of Toronto. CMHA Toronto supports individuals’ mental health recovery through a broad range of services in the community as well as a variety of social, educational, specialized and internal programs. They serve all members of their diverse community, including those of different race, culture, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability and age.

COTA Health is an accredited, not-for-profit, community-based organization that has been supporting adults with mental health and cognitive challenges to live well within their communities for over 45 years. They provide person-centred supports that assist individuals to find inspiration and hope in their inherent strengths and support them to pursue meaningful change in their lives, as they define it.

LOFT Community Services provides support and hope to people facing complex mental and physical health challenges, addictions, dementia, homelessness or risk of homelessness. LOFT stands for Leap of Faith Together and are there where there are few others, reaching out in response to unmet needs.

Finch Weston Health Centre specializes in occupational medicine, chronic pain, Addiction Medicine, Adult Medicine (Internal Medicine), Child and Adolescent Health, Family Medicine, Health Care of the Elderly and Mental Health.

Humber River Family Health Team offers a wide variety of specialized services to their patients. Their program and services are delivered in a team-based care model that includes physicians and an in-house clinical team of Health Care Professionals (i.e. Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Dieticians, Social Workers, Chiropodist, Health Promoter/Educator and Pharmacists) alongside other community service providers.

 Jane Finch Family Health Team includes a team of doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, dietitians, and a pharmacist dedicated to the health and well-being of their patients. The team offers a wide range of innovative, collaborative, comprehensive, and accessible primary care health services in order to ensure the best quality of patient care possible.

Marlee Medical Clinic

North West Toronto Family Health Group

Yorkview Medical Centre provides quality, community-based healthcare services using a team approach for the residents of Downsview and surrounding neighbourhoods in Toronto.