The Ontario government is transforming health care delivery across the province through an integrated care model called the Ontario Health Teams (OHTs).

The purpose of this transformation is to provide safe, effective, efficient, equitable, timely and patient-centred care by collaborating with different health care providers to ensure a streamlined system.

OHTs will provide the following services:
  • primary care
  • hospital care
  • rehabilitative care
  • home and community care
  • residential long-term care
  • mental health and addictions
The goal of this new transformation is to:
  • provide coordinated care to better understand your needs and reduce administrative duplication
  • offer 24/7 access to care and help using the system
  • put cost savings toward frontline care
  • take a digital-first approach, enabling patient and provider access to health information and virtual care

Ontario Health Teams also represent an opportunity to improve performance linked to “Quadruple Aim”. The “Quadruple Aim” is an internationally-recognized framework that designs and delivers an effective health care system.

The four goals of the Quadruple Aim are:
  • improving the patient and caregiver experience
  • improving the health of populations;
  • reducing the per capita cost of health care; and,
  • improving the work-life of providers.
To learn more about OHTs, please visit the following websites below: