The North Western Toronto Ontario Health Team (NWT OHT) is committed to providing our community with person-centred care.

In November 2021, the NWT OHT onboarded nine patient/client, family and caregiver advisors to support the team with developing programs and initiatives to help deliver high quality care in the community. These members were elected to help the NWT OHT in its mission to provide accessibly and integrated healthcare within the jurisdiction.

In 2021, this group developed a partnership and engagement strategy, a milestone for the committee. To read the full strategy, click here.

Alongside the development of the strategy, the NWT OHT signed a Patient/Client, Family and Caregiver Declaration of Values as well as submitted an addendum to personalize our commitment to our patients/clients, family, caregivers and community members. Click here to read the full document.

Coming Soon: See all the accomplishments of the NWT OHT Patient/Client, Family and Caregiver in our end of year video, alongside reflections of our members.